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I'm proud to be a member of the renowned UCB Harold team called Lohan! Prior to my time with Lohan, I had the privilege of performing with UCB Harold team Jetset, as well as two incredible mess hall teams: Rumple and Ringo.

As an improviser, I find great joy in encouraging fellow players to discover games that align with their unique sense of humor and fully embrace their personal comedic voice. After all, we each possess our own brand of humor, and I believe it's crucial to showcase that individuality in our performances. Additionally, I'm a strong advocate for pushing the boundaries of emotion and constantly seeking innovative ways to elevate our gameplay. Let's take risks and discover new dimensions within our comedic journeys!

I am also a professional actor with experience in film and television. Some of my notable credits include appearances in "Argo," "The Resident," "Parks and Recreation," and "NCIS." I bring this experience and expertise to my role as an improv performer, teacher, and coach. I have honed my skills at esteemed institutions such as The Upright Citizens Brigade, The Groundlings, and Second City.

Besides the monthly classes I teach, I am also available for private/group classes. We'll have a consultation and discuss your goals. Then I will design a curriculum catered to your needs. 

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