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Stripper Boyz (writer/producer)

Two unemployed friends go to Vegas and try to become male strippers.

*Finalist Screencraft Finishing Funds Competition*

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half-hour comedy

Slinger, a washed up U.S. Marshal, hunts down his outlaw step-son hoping to form a relationship and turn him from his lawless ways.



*Quarterfinalist Screencraft Animation Competition

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Boze Opa (Evil Grandpa)


After accidentally traveling back in time to WWII Netherlands, two estranged brothers must work together to return home while simultaneously thwarting their evil grandpa.


*finalist PAGE Awards 

*Semifinalist Screencraft Action & Adventure Comp.

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Coke Heads 


Two friends spend a night attempting to try cocaine for the first time before one heads to cosmetology school, threatening the bond they have.


The Forgiveness
The will short film

The Forgiveness (writer/director/producer)

One needs to forgive, the other needs the forgiveness.

The Will (writer/director/producer)

Two brothers hear what is bequeathed to them by their mother who passed away.

take stacy short film

Take Stacy (writer/producer)

A break-up doesn't go as planned.

The promotion short film

The Promotion (writer/producer)


Someone messes with their co-worker's lunch.

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